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Here you will find information about my background, publications, lectures and book signings. For the past 20 years, I have traveled to Civil War sites around the country, and have conducted research and written articles and book reviews for newspapers and magazines, as well as published a book with another on the way.
“Essays on Delaware during the Civil War” is a collection of articles that serve as an introduction to Delaware’s political process, military participation, and social involvement during this period.
I have a particular interest in intelligence operations during the Civil War, a subject that requires additional consideration. Only a few works have focused on intelligence, notably Edwin C. Fishel’s “The Secret War for the Union” and “Grant’s Secret Service” by William B. Feis concerning Union operations; and William A. Tidwell with James O. Hall and David Winfred Gaddy’s “The Confederate Secret Service and the Assassination of Lincoln” and Tidwell’s “Confederate Covert Action in the American Civil War” on the Confederate side.
My comparative study of Union and Confederate intelligence operations titled “Spies, Scouts, and Secrets in the Gettysburg Campaign” expands on these pioneering works. It describes the collection and interpretation of strategic and tactical intelligence during the confrontations that ensued from Gen. Robert E. Lee’s invasion of the North in June-July 1863.
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